Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuyvesant Heights

If you are looking for a rental apartment in Brooklyn, I would suggest finding an apartment in Stuyvestant Heights because of the wonderful charm the area offers. Stuyvestant Heights is one of the neighborhoods that make up Bedford-Stuyvesant and is located in the north central part of Brooklyn. Those that can find an apartment are lucky because the identity and culture here is great. Stuyvesant Heights is characterized by elegant old apartments and large brownstones.

The brownstone apartments are some of the best in Brooklyn are provide a beautiful scenery to the community. Traditionally Stuyvesant Heights has been an African American community with strong sense of identity. There still exist a large black population however; the community is receptive to young professionals of all demographics to the area. Moreover, there are large number of foreigners that are moving in and feel at home. In contrast to the largeness of New York City, Stuyvesant Heights has a small town feel where people here know each other and have been living here for generations.

Stuyvesant Height Kitchen

Urban Living real estate company would like to help your search of a Stuyvesant Heights apartment easy for you. We offer many rental apartments in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City on our Urban Living that are in high demand. If you type in this code 3BV6952 on our site you can view this Stuyvesant Heights apartment that houses up to 4 people and it comes with a furnished living room. You can also check out for more Brooklyn. rental apartments that may meet your needs. We here at Urban Living are experienced and pay attention to details with whatever you need. Our agents speak French, English, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Turkish. We want to make you feel comfortable and eventually your new rental apartment a wonderful time.

Subway lines to Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn: A,C,J,M,Z train run to Stuyvesant Heights 
 Apartment Code : 3BV6952

Friday, August 5, 2011

One bedroom apartment near World Trade Center

Lower Manhattan is marked by its diverse neighborhoods and is of great financial importance to the economy of Manhattan. The area was scarred greatly on the 11th of September 2001 when terrorist attacked the World Trade Center, destroying many lives and leaving a hole in New York skyline. Currently the area is regaining its strength back, and plans to complete the new World Trade Center building, which is on schedule to finish around 2012 or 2013. Many individuals will be looking for new apartments in this area where new jobs and business will be created. Those who are here can witness the strength of New Yorkers as they shine ahead in the future.

If you are looking to move to an area of Manhattan that is peaceful, go shopping, or be around nightclubs this one bedroom apartment is a great place to reside at. In this area one can relax at the numerous parks and enjoy the sights and scenes. Go bargain hunting in Chinatown or the Lower East Side and find unique items that these areas have to offer.

 east village

Living at a site near the World Trade Center is excellent because the site will be completed in a couple of years and you can marvel at the new architectural achievements of the buildings. There is also a memorial site you can visit and pay respect to the victims who perished at the old site.

Take part in the future financial success of Lower Manhattan by getting an apartment with Urban Living or near the World Trade Center. At Urban Living you can find all the necessary information when looking for various types of apartments. Be apart of the future of this area and witness the power that New York can overcome great and still come out a success.

1 bedroom apartment near United Nations

A nice and peaceful neighborhood that is sometimes forgotten about is midtown east where the United Nations is located. It seems like an obvious choice to place United Nations in New York City because of a large immigrant population that resides in Manhattan. If you need an New York apartment in this region of Manhattan, Urban Living will be glad to help with our unlimited resources.

An apartment in this part of New York City may allow you the opportunity to see foreign diplomats from the many nations that are represented at the United Nations. The neighborhood is relatively quiet with an abundance of restaurants, bars, and parks. The people who live here range from families, young professionals, and foreign diplomats. The only time where there could be a disturbance is when an foreign event is being held in the United Nations. If you would like to rent an apartment in this area, take the opportunity to visit the United Nations where important decisions are made that effect the world.

At Urban Living we have a 1 bedroom apartment located at East 47th street right near the United Nations. It has a lot of space and already comes furnished with a bed and a sofa all at a price of $2500 per month. Check out other apartments for rent through our site as well as on for more apartments in Manhattan.

Directions: Take the 4, 5, 6, or 7 train to Grand Central Station

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Apartment in Carnegie Hill


Carnegie Hill gets its name from the home of Andrew Carnegie who built a mansion on Fifth Avenue in 1901. Carnegie Hill is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious residential area of ​​the Upper East Side. The Upper East Side is a northeast neighborhood of the island of Manhattan in New York, located between Central Park and the East River. The area has a high concentration of museums. They are mainly located along Fifth Avenue, "Museum Mile (Metropolitan Museum of Art (landlocked in Central Park), Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art).

Carnegie Hill was sometimes called the "Silk Stocking District", it is populated by a healthy and rich population, and housing prices is among the highest in the United States. The Upper East Side is known for its famous people like George Soros, Woody Allen, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, or Madonna, but also for its prestigious private schools, its luxury hotels (Plaza Hotel, Carlyle Hotel, Plaza Athenee Hotel, Four Seasons, The Pierre Hotel), and its output places known around the world, luxury shops to restaurants. The area is equivalent to the 16th district of Paris.The embassies have also taken place in this quiet and pleasant area.

For example this apartment situated at the crossroads of 82St and Lexington Avenue that has two bedrooms, fully furnished with fitted kitchen and a fireplace, is located in Carnegie Hill, Upper East Side. This apartment in the heart of the Upper East Side that will delight you, you can stroll through the beautiful streets where you'll find prestigious brands stores. You can also relax at Central Park, serene place where families like to meet. This is an example of the many apartments offered by Urban Living. Our team is here to meet your expectations, to guide you throughout your search for apartments in the area you want. You can also visit our websites : or Urban Living, for even more opportunites. Apartment Code :02M170374

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tips for Seeking the Best Apartments in New York City

With overflowing population and ever increasing immigrants to the city, finding suitable apartments in New York City is a task that is hard to accomplish. According to a recent report in about 14 of the 25 metropolitan areas in US, including New York, more immigrants are employed in white color occupations than in lower-wage construction. This is considered to be the main reason for this huge demand for luxurious residential apartments. However, it is also not impossible to get a good one for staying in. Here are certain steps that you should follow to get an apartment that you have always dreamt of:

1 There are various ways in which you can search for apartments in New York City. You can search over the Internet or can search for a suitable option in newspapers. You can follow up different notices and advertisements for real estate rents and sale related information. However, the best and the shortest way you can reach up to a real Manhattan apartments and New York apartmentsestate dealer is through the websites of realty services management companies. These service providers generally have a large inventory of real estate information. Whether you are a student seeking for an apartment or a corporate entrepreneur touring the city on a business purpose; you will be able to find suitable apartments in New York City, which are complete with all the basic facilities and amenities that you desire. Even if you are searching for apartments for leasing or buying, these websites would be really helpful.

2 Once you decide on the amenities that you'd require on your stay at New York, it's time to check it with the realty company. Make sure the apartments you are negotiating for has all the facilities like electricity, water, safety. There are service providing companies who can assist you to check if the apartment you are renting needs any repair or maintenance. In case there is a requirement to fix a problem, these service providers would communicate with the owners on your behalf.

3 You should also make sure if the surrounding locality and the neighborhood is good enough for you. You should also make sure that you have nearness to the bus, train or airplane terminus and other facilities that you'd require.

One of the realty service management providers - the likes of which are discussed in the above paragraphs - is

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New York City.

Apartment Williamsburg Brooklyn


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is the first stop outside of Manhattan in the borough of Brooklyn, off of the Williamsburg bridge. Many tourists are attracted to the bright lights and allure of Manhattan , but often Brooklyn is forgotten and it is a shame because it has just as much too offer. Beginning in the 1990's young artists wanted to escape high apartment prices in New York City, and settled in Williamsburg's apartments because of the low prices and the closeness to Manhattan. Finding apartments in Williamsburg is in popular demand because of the coolness and relax environment this young community emits.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a large and diverse neighborhood that many New Yorkers call home. There are ethnic communites such as Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Jews, and others. Many young people from New York and not from New York look for apartments in Williamsburg to become a part of the "hipster" culture that dominates this area of Brooklyn. These self proclaimed hipsters have a unique sense of art and fashion. The thriving art and music scene can be associated with the hipsters. There are many unique stores that sell a wide variety of goods not seen in common stores. Art scene is very important in this community and can be seen by the numerous art galleries. If you want to catch live music Williamsburg is the best place to go because there are so many live music venues bands can perform at.

  Williamsburg Brooklyn 

You could possibly be discourage when looking for a rental apartment in Williamsburg because of the large youth population in this area and the many bars however; that should not be a concern because the area is safe and is a great place to for kids to live if you have a family. Apartment prices in Williamsburg have gone up because of the popularity of the neghborhood furthermore, there have been many newly renovated apartments here. Urban Living real estate company wants to provide an affordable apartment and most importantly an apartment that you will love to call home in Williamsburg. For example, we have this 3 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms, that has a large spacious living room. This apartment comes furnished and is within walking distance of the train lines. Feel free to check out other apartments on our site as well as If you want to step outside your boundaries and experience a whole different part of Brooklyn, then Williamsburg is the young cool place to rent an apartment. Subway lines to Williamsburg are: G,J,L,M,Z just right outside of Manhattan 

1 Bedroom Apartment in Harlem

Harlem has known significant changes, both in its social structure, in their living conditions but also in its urban landscape. These changes are part of the recent rehabilitation of Manhattan. The reoccupation of the town centers by the upper classes after renovations and rehabilitations has favored many things. The ethnic composition has also changed, indeed this neighborhood has a strong cultural diversity.

Harlem is now an important tourist destination in Manhattan, you can discover the diversity of its buildings and entertainment places that have marked the history of the city such as The Apollo Theater, which is visited by 1.3 million people every year, jazz clubs, the homes of musicians and writers are all places of pilgrimage for lovers of jazz and literature. This area represents one facet of the Melting Pot in Manhattan.


 With the housing shortage and problems of congestion, many New Yorkers fled Manhattan, Harlem therefore appears more like an attractive neighborhood to middle class. You can reach the Midtown and Downtown Manhattan by taking the subway, as well as lower than elsewhere .


This apartment is fully furnished with a refined and Urban decoration, located in Harlem on West 119th Street between Lenox and 5th Avenue. The apartment is on the first floor of a brownstone building and has a room with a kitchen, it can accommodate 4 persons. But this is just one of many New York apartments we offer on our site, for even more choice of apartments for rent in New York

One Bedroom Apartment in "Bed-Stuy"

Bedford Stuyvesant is a neighborhood in New York, located in Brooklyn. The name of this area comes from Pieter Stuyvesant who was Governor of New Amsterdam in the seventeenth century.

This area is best known through the famous rapper Notorious BIG . "Bed-Stuy" is also the location of the series Everybody Hates Chris, which traces the life of the actor and comedian Chris Rock.

In the Spike Lee 1989 movie "Do the Right Thing", the area was portrayed as being fraught with racial tensions. Billy Joel also describes a simple walk alone in the streets of the neighborhood as being a crazy test in 1980 in his song "You may be right." But things have relatively changed, now the odds of "Bed-Stuy" back sharply, and now holds the qualification of an "IN" area where it is trendy to live.

You can now watch from south to north and from east to west, blocks of brownstones intact, but also new properties , new luxury residences or apartments for rent beginning to appear. Both Bedford and Lexington avenues have several new buildings, some with new people, some under construction.

This apartment, located in Bedford Stuyvesant welcomes you bring in a warm and comfortable way. It has a bedroom, a cozy lounge and a kitchen fully furnished. You can set foot in this neighborhood which is full of history. You will live in what we call the "real Brooklyn." You can find even more offers, for apartments to rent for short or long term, our Urban Living and Metro-Homes Properties teams will be happy to assist you in choosing the apartment of your dreams. Apartment Code 6730

4 Bedroom apartment in Upper West Side

For those of you looking for an apartment in New York City, a rental apartment in the upper west side is a great location to reside. Those that live here say the upper west side has an " old New York feel." In other words the area is authentic and it not heavily dominated by a new generation. If you are looking at apartments in the upper west side, the neighborhood extends from 59th street to 125th street  on the west side of Central Park.
The l'Upper West Side is a residential neighborhood and is a good distance from the loudness and traffic of midtown Manhattan. You can find very beautiful brownstone buildings and luxury apartments. In the upper west side you have a mix of young working professionals and families that enjoy the tranquility of the area. When the weather is warm you can see many people enjoying their afternoon in Central Park. Others who might want some culture  go to one of the many museums in the upper west side. If you like to eat well, the upper west side has many different types of restaurants for your choosing. Moreover, there are a lot of bars for people looking to meet up with others and have fun.

If you live in the upper west side you have a lot of options in a neighborhood that is relax and fun. Urban Living real estate would love to help out those in search for a rental apartment in the upper west side. We have so many beautiful apartments that you can check out on For example, if you put in this code 05M010340 (or simply click it), we offer this upper west side apartment for rent. It is a 4 bedroom apartment located on 108th street that comes with a furnished living room and appliances in the kitchen. This comfortable apartment can be yours, all you need to do is make a reservation with one of our helpful agents to help you with the details. There is a good chance we can help you in your native language because we have agents that speak  French, English, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Turkish. In the end we want to help find a place to call home in the upper west side.

Subway lines that run to l'Upper West Side:

A,B,C,D runs to Central Park West

1 and 9 runs to Broadway